tiger sheen gi The marketing of Charlie Sheen: From tiger blood to coffee mugs

Thanks to what can be described as moderately insane behavior, Charlie Sheen lost his job on the inexplicably successful CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men.” But thanks to his embrace of social media and the inability to refuse an interview, Sheen is poised to cash in on his never-ending stream of non-sensical catch phrases (winning!)

According to E!, Sheen has already inked a merchandising and licensing deal with Live Nation, which could also yield a Conan O’Brien style live show tour. But first, the marketing behemoth plans to put Sheen’s infamous sayings on everything from mugs to T-shirts. Think “Unemployed Winner” t-shirts and Tiger Blood machetes.

Live Nation hopes to have some of the merchandise available as soon as next week at CharlieSheen.com, and has plans to expand a line into Wal-Mart, Target and mall skank staple Hot Topic. We can only hope he ends up with his own line of signature home furnishings, ala Martha Stewart — goddess sheets, Sober Valley Lodge soaps, etc.

“It’s all coming together really quickly,” said Live Nation Senior VP for tour marketing and promotion. “He’s got a lot of brilliant ideas.”

Some savvy online retailers are already jumping on the Sheen frenzy. At Urban-Collector.com, Tiger Blood Energy Potion — “made from 100 percent passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that’s not from this particular terrestrial realm” —  is available for $3.99. The concoction, which is actually a fruit-flavored punch, is cleverly sold in a blood bag.

And Cafe Press is already awash in Sheen-inspired merchandise, including this line of dog t-shirts. Outfit your mutt in a “Vatican Assassin Warlock” t-shirt. Just the thing to impress your friends at the dog park.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson