marriage ref dog 'The Marriage Ref' recall: Were the calls on Fonzie and the stripper pole right?“The Marriage Ref” has made the call, but we want Zap2it readers to weigh in.

The new Jerry Seinfeld-produced comedy show debuted after the Olympics’ closing ceremony Sunday night (Feb. 28) to some decent ratings.

The real-life spouses featured on the show re-create their spat, and the celebrity panelists make a few jokes and then side with one of the spouses. Comedian Tom Papa makes the final ruling.

Sunday’s episode featured Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa and Seinfeld himself on the panel.

The first couple was fighting over whether the husband, who was mourning the loss of his doggy best friend Fonzie, could place the taxidermy trophy of the pup in a shrine at home. His wife’s reaction:

Can you believe it? Really, really, really, we can’t, we can’t. We cannot. Tom Papa ruled in favor of the wife.

A stripper pole divided the second couple. Hubby wanted one installed in the bedroom to spice up their lovelife, but the wife refused. Check out what the panel had to say:

The wife also won in this case.

How did you like the show? What kind of arguments would you like to see on the show?

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