owain yeoman the mentalist genesis 320 'The Mentalist': Owain Yeoman on the return of Red John“The Mentalist” fans, brace yourselves: Red John is is coming back in a big way in the upcoming weeks.

Korbi TV caught up with Owain Yeoman on the red carpet at The Genesis Awards — airing on Animal Planet, Saturday (April 24) at noon EDT/PDT– and he filled us in. 

“We’ve got some fantastic Red John stuff coming up,” Yeoman says in the video below. “For the first time since the pilot, the whole Red John stuff really is not just teased, it’s out there.”

Make sure to check out the video because Yeoman talks about the return of Leslie Hope and discusses the Van Pelt-Rigsby relationship too. He seems to think that despite the apparent breakup last week, the duo might still be able to work and play together…

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credit: Zap2it

Posted by:Marisa Roffman