mentalist-forest-green-simon-baker.jpgSunday’s (April 20) episode of “The Mentalist” is set largely at the retreat of a private, exclusive and secretive men’s social club. So of course Jane (Simon Baker) will figure out a way inside.

The case involves the murder of a woman near the grounds of the Bohemian Grove-ish club. The members close ranks when the FBI comes to investigate, but in this Zap2it exclusive clip, Jane may have found himself a way inside. He catches a member, Marvin Gryska (guest star Sonny Marinelli), using his cell phone — in violation of club rules. In exchange for not telling, he gets some information even though Gryska is under investigation by the bureau himself and is initially not interested in talking.

Jane lures him in, though, by noting that he himself beat an FBI rap (as we saw earlier in the season). Take a look:

“The Mentalist” airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sunday on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter