simon baker mentalist season 5 finale 'The Mentalist' season finale: 4 things to watch for in 'Red John's Rules'The season finale of “The Mentalist” promises to reveal a list of seven suspects Jane believes could be Red John.

And you’ll read nothing about who they are right now, other than the show isn’t teasing: Sunday’s (May 5) finale does name names. You can see the suspect pool here, but to say anything more would seriously spoil the fun.

Here are a few things we can tell you about “Red John’s Rules,” though:

An old friend returns. M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly from “Lost”), last seen here back in Season 3, is back as Jane’s (Simon Baker) carny friend Pete. Jane and Lisbon’s (Robin Tunney) latest case takes Jane back to his old stomping grounds, and Pete may have some information for him.

Stop teasing. Jane reveals to Lisbon that he’s narrowed his list down to seven people, but to her great frustration he refuses to say anything else. His impression of her “putting up a front” is not to be missed.

Head games. As you might guess by the title, Red John is front and center in the episode. He and Jane are playing a pretty high-level game of cat and mouse, and John goes all out to get the upper hand.

Pad your DVR by a minute or two. Just in case. You really don’t want to miss the last few minutes.

“The Mentalist” season finale airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter