chris messina james franco mindy kaling the mindy project season 2 the other dr l recap fox 'The Mindy Project': James Franco checks out, Kris Humphries checks in during 'The Other Dr. L'As all moderately good things must, James Franco‘s time as Dr. Paul Leotard on Season 2 of “The Mindy Project” came to its conclusion during Tuesday (Sept. 24) night’s episode, “The Other Dr. L,” but not before Kris Humphries could come by to offer some stilted line readings and Mindy Kaling could wear a whipped cream one-piece.

The episode kicked off with Kaling’s Mindy returning to Schulman & Associates after last week’s premiere episode decision to stay in New York while new fiance Pastor Casey (guest star Anders Holm) headed back to Haiti. Only, there wasn’t much room for her in the office, what with the new Dr. L still holding court in her office.

After being relegated to a storage closet replete with hot pipes that nearly set her head ablaze, Mindy decided it was time to rid the office of Paul. How’d she do it? After learning from Morgan (Ike Barenholtz; still the show’s most inconsistent and problematic character, if you ask me) that Paul was a lightweight when it came to booze, she challenged her newfound nemesis to a Shots Off. Winning, of course (she doesn’t eat a loaf of bread a night for nothing), Mindy got her office back, but wasn’t rid of Paul.

No, Paul eliminated himself from the group when he slept with Danny’s (Chris Messina) ex, Christina (guest star Chloe Sevigny), while Danny’s been trying to get over her with the aid of the Getting Over It Gang, a group of sadly single men, including Mindy’s ex Tom (returning guest Bill Hader) and Humphries, appearing as himself.

So, with the Great Franco Stunt of Season 2 in the rearview and the office back to status quo (save for Jeremy’s (Ed Weeks) newly pudgy belly — bets on when that disappears?), it looks as though things are back to normal on “The Mindy Project.” Just in time for newly minted series regular Adam Pally to come in and shake it all up again.

Until then, tonight’s best quotes:

– “You don’t even want to know where I hid the gummy bear.” – Mindy, to Casey, after donning her whipped cream one-piece a la “Varsity Blues.”

– “Nope, not Big L. I’m a tiny dainty woman and these donuts are my lunch.” – Mindy, on her new nickname after returning to the office with pastry.

– “It was a service trip to the worst place in the world.” – Mindy, after Danny refers to Haiti as Club Med
“The worst place in the world is Fenway Park!” – Danny

– “My name is not Dr. L anymore and I have a UTI from discount whipped cream!” – Mindy
“You and me both, sister.” – Beverly (Beth Grant)

– “Cool, he can do magic. You know who else does magic? The clown who molested my cousin. We’re not all fawning over him, are we?” – Mindy, as Paul is somehow levitating a curly fry.

– “Listen to me, if I wanted to be depressed, I would’ve stuck to my original plan of eating a waffle in the bath.” – Jeremy, to Danny, for bringing the Getting Over It Gang to the bar.

– “I ate an entire loaf of bread before I came here tonight.” – Mindy, during the Shots Off
“Oh, so you knew we were going to do this?” – Paul
“Nope, I just do that every night, dog.” – Mindy

– “Oh, I see. While the cat’s away, the mouse will patrol for ween in a dive bar.” – Tom, to Mindy.

– “Sex doesn’t just happen. It’s a process. You have to brush your teeth, you have to pluck that one hair growing out of your breast…” – Mindy

– “I was thinking about doing some traveling.” – Danny
“You hate everywhere.” – Mindy

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