the mindy project mindy danny bridget jones diary 'The Mindy Project' Season 2 returns with a Danny and Mindy relationship

“The Mindy Project” finally returned after the LONGEST HIATUS EVER with two episodes prominently featuring Mindy and Danny hooking up. At least when the show came back it gave us Chris Messina reading “Bridget Jones’ Diary” in a proper British accent. (Side note, can that be an actual audiobook we can buy? Asking for a friend.)

In “French Me, You Idiot,” after making out in the most spacious airplane bathroom ever, the new couple returned home to find that Cliff made a grand gesture to get Mindy back. And since he didn’t believe her when she tried to break up with him and then his grandmother died, Mindy pulled the classic “try very hard to get dumped” thing, which didn’t actually work until she and Danny caused a fire and ruined his grandmother’s funeral.

Mindy and Danny sort-of being together is awesome because it gives us excellent exchanges between the coworkers/lovers like this one: Mindy: “Why are your lips so scrumptious?” Danny: “I don’t know, they just are.”

The episode also saw the return of Mark Duplass’ Brendan DeLaurier, but not hooking up with Mindy, teaming up with Peter to get the New York City ballet as patients. It didn’t work, because Peter couldn’t convincingly feign interest in dance for an afternoon. Oh well!

“Indian BBW” also brought back another Mindy ex: Bill Hader’s Tom, when a sex tape the two made ten years ago surfaced on a porn site Peter was surfing during his lunch break. Mindy and Peter teamed up to get the tape back, which almost didn’t work (but did, thanks to his fratty connections). With Adam Pally returning as a series regular for Season 3, it’s nice to see him vibing with the rest of the Schulman & Associates team.

Meanwhile, Danny contracted viral meningitis, but also managed to accidentally view (and become irate about) the sex tape, causing Peter to deduce why he was so upset. That, and Mindy contracted his meningitis, which in turn caused an all-better Danny to read aloud Mindy’s favorite sick day book to her, British accent included.

All in all, they were an excellent two outings for Mindy’s return. What did you think of the episodes? How happy are you that “Mindy” is back?!

Posted by:Jean Bentley