mindy project mindy kaling chris messina fox 'The Mindy Project' spoilers: 10 things to expect before the season finaleFOX’s “The Mindy Project” keeps getting better over the course of its first season, blending laugh-out-loud hilarity with increasingly rich character portraits and perfectly chosen guest stars.

With just six episodes left, we caught up with the cast at the show’s recent PaleyFest event and asked them to spill a few details about what’s to come — including what to expect from upcoming guests Chloe Sevigny as Danny’s ex-wife and Anders Holm (“Workaholics”) as Mindy’s newest boyfriend.

Showrunner Matt Warburton explains the master plan: “The second half of the season we’ve been really emphasizing digging into where [these characters] come from. We met Mindy’s brother, we’re gonna meet a friend from Danny’s past and we’re gonna meet Danny’s ex-wife — the biggest mystery of all. That’s been a theme of the second half of the season. These people who we’ve grown to love in the first half of the season — looking at where they’ve been and how that’s gonna complicate what’s coming next.”

Ike Barinholtz says Danny blames Morgan for mailing the letter that leads to his ex-wife’s return: “[Danny] gets as upset about it as a human being can get. It’s gonna be really funny to watch his dynamic build with [his ex-wife] as the dynamic with me and him evaporates in a way. The last three episodes this season, there’s a lot of stuff going on for me and Danny, we have a lot of fences to mend.”

mindy project anders holm mindy kaling fox 'The Mindy Project' spoilers: 10 things to expect before the season finaleMindy Kaling on Mindy’s next love interest: “Anders Holm is such a funny guy and another writer-performer which I love. It’s been great working with him, he’s crazy. [The character] is a minister who is like a hip-hop minister. He has a lot of swagger and a huge ego, but he’s this deeply Christian, very moral minister. It’s a fun character I hadn’t seen before and he does it really well. And [Anders] is like 6’4″, he’s a giant! So we look funny together.”

Ed Weeks reveals Jeremy starts dating Mindy’s friend Maggie (recurring guest star Mary Grill): “It’s gonna be very discombobulating for Jeremy. Jeremy is used to girls who are very beautiful, not necessarily with too much going on up here. Probably don’t question him or call him out on his bulls—. Maggie is the polar opposite of that. She’s a gym teacher, she takes no s—, she’s used to being pretty bossy and getting what she wants. She’s not going to be seduced by his accent or his clothes or any of that superficial stuff. I think it’s gonna help Jeremy evolve as a guy, which will be really fun. There’s also something interesting in the fact that he’s dating one of Mindy’s friends. What if something goes wrong?”

Newest cast member Beth Grant promises more will be revealed about Beverly:
“The script we’re getting ready to shoot I found out I have all these
ex-boyfriends of different religions! I thought, ‘Oh how cool!’ And we
find out how much she drinks, which is a lot. I really can’t wait when
they send the scripts to see if there’s a new nugget about her past.”

Zoe Jarman says Betsy and Beverly will begin to bond behind the reception desk:
“Beth Grant is incredible. We really have developed a bond in a great
way. [The characters] are good foils for each other. We’re both weirdos
but in totally different ways. We’re almost on opposite ends of the
spectrum. She’s really worldly and I’m totally sheltered.”

mindy project chris messina ike barinholtz fox 'The Mindy Project' spoilers: 10 things to expect before the season finaleBarinholtz promises more wackiness from Morgan: “There’s a lot of adventures especially at the end of this season. There’s a trip to prison, [Morgan] gets to revisit his prison roots a bit. There’s a big triathlon. And there’s a big change coming in his life that you’ll see this season, pretty hardcore. Or maybe hardcore is the wrong word, that implies pornography. That’ll be next season. He’ll get into amateur pornography next season. Right now it’s too soon.”

Midwives Brendan (Mark Duplass) and Duncan (Jay Duplass) will return: “There is a big change coming vis-a-vis Morgan and the Deslaurier brothers,” Barinholtz reveals. “There’s a very big thing happening toward the end of the season. If you’re fans of any of them, you will not be disappointed. You might be. But if you are don’t tell me, because it’ll bum me out.”

Danny and Brendan’s rivalry is going to get physical: “Chris did some stuff this past week with Mark Duplass in Long Beach,” Kaling teases. “We did a triathlon episode. They do some physical stuff that I can not believe, a huge knock-down drag-out. They’re very fit guys but they’re actors. It is the funniest-slash-lamest fighting that I’ve ever seen.”

Although this one won’t happen this season, Jeremy’s family could turn up soon: “I know he’s got a ton of very successful brothers, much more successful than him,” Weeks says. “They’ve started companies and written books. One won a particularly vicious season of ‘Pop Idol.’ Jeremy has always felt like the black sheep of that family. There was talk very very early on, probably semi-jocular, about Pierce Brosnan maybe playing his dad. Imagine Bond as your dad? Coming in and stealing all the women from under your nose.”

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