james nesbitt the missing season 1 finale starz 'The Missing' Season 1 finale fails to provide closureWarning: The following articles contains spoilers for “The Missing’s” Season 1 finale. Please do not read on if you are not caught up to this point. 

The Starz eight-episode series “The Missing” wrapped up its first season in the states Saturday, Jan. 10 and provided some real closure for certain characters, while others are sadly just as lost as when viewers first saw them. 
After many twists and turns, the main mystery of who abducted five-year-old Oliver Hughes from a hotel bar in France during a family holiday in 2006 was finally solved.
Thoughout the eight episodes viewers of the show probably debated several different theories of what happened to Tony and Emily Hughes’ son. Tony himself came up with some very interesting hypothesis of what could have taken place the night Oliver disappeared. At many points all signs pointed to the boy being alive still. 
Wondering what could have happened to their son had very different effects on both parents, Tony reached his breaking point early on and even killed a pedophile. For her part, Emily tried to move on and reinvent herself, even getting married again. 
Although it was always assumed someone took Oliver that faithful day in the bar, it was revealed in the finale he was not actually abducted. In a sad turn of events it turns out the drunk owner of the hotel where the family was staying accidentally hit Olly in the middle of the road, after he had wandered off from Tony. 
Instead of taking Olly to the hospital, the hotel owner hid the boy’s unconscious body at his place. Olly was eventually taken to a safe house and that is where things get hazy. The Hughes’ son is eventually assumed dead, yet a body was never found. It’s like somewhere along the lines he was just lost track of. 
Emily finds solace in this news, excepting his death. While Tony, not surprisingly, heartbreakingly continues his desperate search. Tony is eventually arrested for accosting a Russian boy who looks a lot like his missing son. 
While the ending is very reflective of the fact that parents with missing kids often will never truly have closure, it wouldn’t be too surprising if viewers are left unsatisfied. For a finale where fans know these characters aren’t likely returning for Season 2, it failed to really answer all the necessary questions the story asked in the beginning chapter. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins