jordana spiro floriana lima mob doctor fox 'The Mob Doctor': Will you make a return visit to FOX's new drama? Vote!So, admit it — when you hear a title like “The Mob Doctor,” you expect a somewhat clunky grafting of hospital show and Mafia tale. And there are definitely spots in the new FOX show’s premiere Monday (Sept. 17) where the seams show.

But as Zap2it’s review of the series notes, star Jordana Spiro carries the occasionally creaky premise surprisingly well. Her scenes with her elders both on the hospital side (Zeljko Ivanek) and with the mob boss (William Forsythe) have a spark to them. So do the moments she shares with Floriana Lima (one of Zap2it’s Ones to Watch for this season).

Yes, the plot points are occasionally visible from long distances, and some dialogue feels a little on the nose for our taste. But the genre mashup, and Spiro’s strong lead performance, made for a fairly watchable hour.

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Posted by:Rick Porter