Paul_mole_240 Every week The Mole starts by asking us "who is the mole?" Wouldn’t it be nice if we could answer "one of the remaining contestants" and walk away with the cash (or a portion thereof)? The more I hear that question asked, the more I think it needs to be reworded. The game itself is great, the question needs work. But, enough with that, let’s get on to the good stuff.

This week began with a fun little trust-based mission. I think the trust missions are the best thing the show has to offer. The whole show is about not trusting other people, so when the contestants are forced to trust, it gets really interesting – nerves are frayed, people are suspicious, it’s great to watch.

The mission had everyone chained together with only one person able to reach a cell that contained the key that would unlock the chains one at a time. Everyone had to be in agreement about who would be going for the key or no one would be able to reach it. The cell opened only once every ten minutes. There was also an exemption card next to the key, and if someone grabbed the exemption everyone else would have to remain locked up in the cold all night. Fun.

Craig, still feeling unwell, convinced everyone that he needed to go inside, and, though Clay almost balked, Craig was allowed to get the key during the cell’s first opening. Nicole stated that if it were up to her she wouldn’t have let anyone through. Now, whether or not Craig is the mole (and I’m saying he isn’t), the right thing to do was to let him grab the key instantly. If there’s any chance the man actually was ill (and I’m saying he was), the right thing to do was to let him go inside and get warm. Plus, I’m also going to say that Nicole was lying about not letting anyone go if it was up to her (isn’t she allegedly a doctor? Shouldn’t she care about Craig’s health from a medical standpoint even if not from a game one?).

There was more hemming and hawing after Craig left, and Paul acted like a complete pain in the butt (not for the last time this week), but eventually everyone was freed from their chains. Mark was the guy who made the whole thing really difficult, which I think was the right mole strategy. I can’t imagine that the mole actually would have grabbed the exemption. I think that the mole’s smartest course of action was to stop people from going to the key, not to get the exemption. Mark was the last player chained and he ended up grabbing the key, not the exemption. If he is the mole, maybe he failed tonight, though, whomever the mole is failed tonight (unless they were just sewing the seeds of distrust, which I think would be a cop-out for the mole at this point).

After the mission, and to make things that much more interesting, Jon gave everyone new journals. The mind games with the new journals began the next day when the players were driving to their next pit-stop and trying to fill up the new journals with old information (like birthdates). Paul didn’t want to give Clay his birthdate (he already gave it once which is all that he was required to do). He and Clay got into something of a tussle (which involved lemon-throwing). How much was true anger and how much was an attempt to psych out the other? No matter what the guys said to the camera later, I’m saying it was mostly genuine anger. I think Clay, the lemon-thrower, completely lost his cool, that it wasn’t just an attempt to provoke Paul (at least not by the end of it). He quickly regained his composure once he left Paul, but I think he was legitimately angry.

The next morning the bad feelings were still present, but it was mission time so they had to take a back-burner to money-winning… maybe. For this next mission, the group would be divided into three pairs (with one person, Craig, left over) and each team had to make it to a particular statue on a hill in 45 minutes. Ten grand would be added to the pot for every group that made it to the statue. If none of the groups made it, no money would be added to the pot but Craig would get an exemption.

Craig did not make it easy for the teams, assigning everyone horrific modes of transportation (including putting Paul and Nicole in a llama suit). He could have made it very easy for everyone, but he opted for trying to get the exemption instead of adding cash to the pot. It was certainly an odd choice coming from Craig. To this point he had always seemed so nice.

Mark, my perennial choice for mole, initiated a mutiny, he refused to do the task, and did his best to get everyone else out of it too. He actually succeeded and only Alex contemplated trying to complete the task. Oddly though, when Jon asked who started the rebellion, the players stated it was a team decision. That’s certainly not how we saw it, Mark definitely led the charge, everyone definitely followed his lead (save Alex), and Craig got his exemption.

Just like last week, there was a tie during the quiz this week. The time differential between the players was much more slim however, a mere second. I don’t know who answered their quiz questions just as poorly but one second faster than Kristen, but they are one lucky person. Kristen however? Not so much. She was given the old heave-ho tonight.

This week’s batch of questions:

  • There were two easy exemptions to be obtained this week. If you were playing would you have tried to get either one?
  • We’re down to six people who could be the mole. I’ve been steadfast in my choice and my guy is still in the game. Who’s your pick? And, be honest, have you been changing it from week to week?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser