has, so let’s get down to business.

Things this week picked up with Paul continuing to go spout off his upset at Nicole’s death threat and Nicole explaining to other people how it’s all a game and she wanted to throw Paul off his. Yeah, death threats, that’s a classy way to psych people out. Maybe next week she’ll break some limbs, you know, to get an advantage in the physical aspects of the game.

Really, it’s all about trust, and Jon said as much the next morning. For the first challenge this week he had everyone divide into two groups, those who don’t trust others and those who do. From there, they paired up, one from each group, and the pairs had to go down a two-person luge.

I’ve always wanted to luge. I wouldn’t want to luge the way the non-trusters had to luge, they were going down the hill blindfolded, but in general I’ve always wanted to do it. Non-trusters sat in front with the brake, and trusters, who could see, without the brake in back. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, there were also pictures of fruits and vegetables along the way that the people in back had to call out to those in front and the people in front had to line up the veggies in order (and not select the extraneous ones) at the bottom of the track.

While luging is totally on my list of things to do, I know that the whole blindfolded aspect would really sort of temper my enthusiasm. My enthusiasm would also be tempered if I had someone like Nicole behind me calling out various types of produce and trying to remind me to hit the brake so that I didn’t kill the two of us. Not very surprisingly, it was Nicole’s pairing that did the worst with lining up the produce (I still vote mean-spiritedness, not that she’s the mole). Alex argued that he was told "green apple" twice by Nicole, and she was completely non-committal about what she said (she later said she thought she said it twice, but not in front of everyone and not when it mattered). Bigger problem – two of the teams cheated, Craig-Victoria & Bobby-Clay both talked after they were at the bottom, a big no-no. Neither of those teams added any money to the pot.

The cheating incident left Clay and Mark distrustful of their coalition with Bobby. Now, if you ask me, continuing to talk at the bottom of the hill and thereby violating the rules, is much more mole-like than just saying "green apple" twice, so I kind of agreed with them and their stand.

The next morning, allegedly just to relax, everyone was sent to a spa. Not only did they ruin the trip by stressing themselves talking about the game with each other at the spa, they lost the shirts. Literally. Jon took everyone’s clothes out of their lockers in order to "get them cleaned and pressed," but sadly, the clothes hadn’t made it back in time.

The game? The contestants had to divide into teams and make it to a restaurant, appropriately dressed, in two and a half hours. Not only would five grand be put in the pot for everyone who made it, those who didn’t wouldn’t eat that night.

After quickly dropping his bathrobe, Mark just as speedily opted out of the mission once Clay announced that he wasn’t going to participate. You know Mark’s getting my vote again for being the mole this week, right? Clay argued that the entire thing was completely degrading, and that was why he was opting out. Mole-like? Maybe. But Mark’s quick turn around seemed worse. He jumped on the bandwagon as soon as there was one to jump on.

Ali, Victoria, and Kristen made up one of the groups, and they almost certainly got the most stares in their Mole-provided underwear. Oddly, very oddly, the girls ran into two busloads of Catholic schoolboys, and yet didn’t grab any shirts or pants from them. From what I saw, more than one of those lads would have happily stripped to their skivvies (or past them) for the women.

In the end, Paul and Alex made it to the restaurant fully dressed without any sort of problem. Ali wanted to bail, but Victoria and Kristen stuck with it and all three women got clothes and fed on time. Bobby, Craig, and Nicole had more trouble than the others, mostly Craig due to his size, but they worked it all out. They found — by happenstance or was the mole at work? — the drycleaner that had everyone’s clothes. As it turned out, the address for the drycleaner was also on the card for the restaurant Jon gave them at the beginning of the mission, but no one figured that out.

The show then fast-forwarded to the next night, the next dinner, and the elimination quiz. The dinner itself did not go smoothly, with Paul yelling at everyone he could possibly find who would dare open their mouth while he was talking. Paul explained in a one-on-one that he was just doing it to throw people before their quiz, but I like to think of him as just being a New Yorker (which, as a fellow New Yorker, I say with love).

Meal finished, quiz taken, Jon offered 20,000 dollars to the first person who would accept on the condition that they leave the game immediately. No one took the cash. After Mark, Victoria, and Kristen were all cleared, Jon upped the offer to 30,000 dollars and Ali jumped at the cash, taking herself out of the game.

Whether or not that was a bad choice, I can’t say. Jon informed us she wouldn’t have been eliminated, but that doesn’t mean that she would have gotten money down the line. Bobby, on the other hand, will get absolutely nothing. Bobby scored the lowest on the quiz and was sent packing. See, I knew he wasn’t the mole.

Other odds and ends and questions (mostly questions as I’m filled with them this week):

  • Is there some hidden clue in the credits? Those of you with DVRs, check it out and report back.
  • Paul – is he trying to throw people off their game or is he just getting a little annoying?
  • Who is your choice for the mole this week? I’m sticking with my guy from the past two weeks. It’ll make it all the more embarrassing when Mark gets eliminated next week, but I just have to do it.

I also have to tell you just how big a fan I am of The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews. Seriously, me, huge fan.

Posted by:Josh Lasser