, and while we all have our guesses as to who will win and who the mole actually is, things are very much still up in the air. Again, rather than doing a large preamble, let’s get right down to business.

The episode got started with our final five contestants dividing themselves into two teams — the smart and the dumb. Craig and Nicole jumped at the chance to be on the dumb team. Neither of them are, but that’s okay, because the dumb team had to go and get five numbers from clues around Mendoza and the smart team only three.

On the smart side, Clay and Mark instantly started arguing about some of the math they had to do, with Mark being right and Clay completely wrong. Clay was trying to do some subtraction by rounding the number first and then didn’t correctly take into account for his rounding at the end. It made some sense, but it was just a silly idea to begin with. I can’t believe he’s actually that unintelligent, so maybe he was trying to throw it all on purpose. The same exact thought could be uttered about both members of the dumb team as Craig mixed up numbers he shouldn’t have and Nicole couldn’t count tiles in a mosaic.

Back on the smart side, Paul did make a mistake reading his map and trying to get his group to the last clue, but I’m voting that the mistake was in fact lack of intelligence instead of deliberate. Though time was running short, the smart group was still able to get all their clues answered and back to Jon on time.

The real problem for the mission was not Paul or Clay or Mark, it was Craig and Nicole getting one of their answers wrong. They were given a chance to correct the answer and Nicole went off to redo a calculation. She returned with less than a minute left and an answer that couldn’t possibly be true. Luckily, Clay had been trying to see if there was a pattern to the answers and along with the others they came up with the correct missing digits and earned their money for the mission.

The game really got going that night, with Clay consulting with Mark about how Nicole (or maybe Craig) was probably the mole and then going to talk to Nicole about how it was either Mark or Craig. Clay has clearly been getting very good at sewing the seeds of distrust.

At the start of the next mission Jon asked the players to state who they thought the most trustworthy among them was. Clay’s game with Mark may have ended at that point as he stated he trusted Nicole more than he trusted Mark. Clay ended up with two votes as most trustworthy as did Mark (though Nicole voted for Mark apparently only to ensure that no one got a majority of votes).

With loved ones on trains in Buenos Aires, the most trusted person for each player had to learn facts about the player’s loved one and answer three out of five questions correctly for the player to see the loved one. Thus, with Clay as Craig’s most trusted person, Clay asked Craig 30 questions about Craig’s girlfriend, Brendi, and then Clay had to answer three out of five questions correctly about her. If he succeeded, the train doors would open and Craig would see his girlfriend. If Clay failed, the train doors wouldn’t open and Brendi would be heading back to the airport without getting to say "hello."

What a great mission! Whether or not the mole got to exercise his or her skills, the mission itself completely toyed with the players’ hearts and minds. I just love that sort of thing.

Apparently the mole decided to take the mission off because Craig got to see Brendi, Clay got to see his wife, Nicole got to see her mom, Mark got to see his wife, and Paul (who didn’t have answers for tons of the questions) managed to get lucky and see his wife and daughter too. Thank goodness about that last one, as Paul would have made everyone’s life miserable if he hadn’t gotten to see his family. Plus, while I like the idea of toying with people’s emotions when there is an adult to be toyed with, Paul’s two-year-old was on the train and she never would have understood why she didn’t get to hug her dad if the doors didn’t open.

Before the quiz, Nicole complained to the camera and her mother about being an outsider and being isolated from everyone else. She even alleged that she was contemplating quitting and said to the camera that she was going to throw the quiz and try to get "self-executed." Did Nicole forget her attitude at the beginning of the show, you know, when she deliberately and with malice of forethought became public enemy number one? What a ridiculous, ludicrous woman. At that moment I began to hope that maybe, just maybe, she was the mole, because then her lying would be excusable. If she’s not the mole, then all the bad things I think about Nicole are probably true.

Nicole’s suicide attempt did not succeed (she said to her mom at the execution that she couldn’t throw the game, but who knows if that was true). Perhaps, as there was a tie, she just did her quiz more quickly than Clay, who was sent home tonight. I liked Clay, I’ll miss him. I would have much rather seen Nicole go home tonight, but I do not get to decide such things.

Questions, questions:

  • Well, obviously I have to ask if you think Nicole did try to commit suicide tonight and simply failed, if she backed off her desire to commit suicide, or if she’s the mole and just was saying the suicide thing in order to throw us. So, thoughts?
  • Who are you voting as the mole this week? I still like my guy Mark. You know I do, and now you’re starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I’m right.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser