the moment sports photography 'The Moment' premiere: Kurt Warner gives a mother a shot at a Sports Illustrated job“The Moment” premiered on USA Thursday (April 11), a new reality series that features host Kurt Warner giving second chances to ordinary Americans who had to abandon their dream for one reason or another.

Warner famously got a second chance at a football career in 1999, when St. Louis Rams starting quarterback Trent Green tore his ACL and Warner stepped in as the starter. He went on to have one of the best QB seasons in NFL history and eventually was named Super Bowl MVP when the Rams won XXXIV.

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Now Warner is giving ordinary folks a second chance at their dreams. Wednesday’s episode featured Tracie Marcum, a mom and businesswoman who had to abandon her dream of photography in a bitter divorce.

Warner takes her to California for two weeks to work as a sports photographer, training with famous sports photographer Lou Jones says is one of the best sports to practice photography on.

As Warner says, “In life, there are moments. Five years earlier, I was bagging groceries just to make ends meet for my family. Until someone gave me a second chance. Like me, everyone has a dream.”

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