Saturday’s Sundance Motorola Late Night Lounge was just that.

Will i Am was one of the last stars to arrive at 2 a.m. Sundance regular Maria Bello was the early bird, getting the party started at 11:30. You’ll get to see every square inch of Maria if her icky, dark psycho-sexual tale, "Downloading Nancy," ever gets snapped up.

Actorsdav_john_15317313_600_2Also in the house: indie hunks 
Diego Luna and
 Bello’s "Nancy" costar, Jason Patrick,
 and David Annable ("Brothers and Sisters") 
for his first trip to Sundance. He’s playing in a charity celebrity Ice hockey match Sunday afternoon. And he said he was taking down names of all the stars he met so he could tell his family.  Sweet.

Dave looked pretty darn cozy with his on-screen half sister/suspiciously unrequited love interest Emily Van Camp. Is her real dad his dad? More will be revealed. But their costar Matthew Rhys was also there, so you figure it out.

OMG, Colin was there, too. No, not the Irish pretty bad boy. Instead, a rather dour Colin Hanks, whose movie “The Great Buck Howard,” premiered at Salt Lake City on Thursday night.

It was  hard to recognize blonde-turned brunette 
Kristin Stewart (Into the Wild). I only did because she’d briefly walked the carpet earlier  for Barry Levinson and Robert DeNiro‘s new black comedy, “What Just Happened.” Actorbruc_georg_15314251_600

It’s  based on Hollywood insider Art Linson’s script, about ex-wives, movies, egotistical actors, crazy studio  heads, undending child support and problems with ex-wives, that premiered  last night at the Eccles.

I’m betting this one is gonna get snapped up fast. Catherine Keener is also in it. So is Bruce Willis, who came to the premiere with his latest Victoria’s Secret model, Emma Heming, who looked about twelve.

How does he get these babes? Anyway, he plays himself in the film. So does Sean Penn. Play himself, I mean. Not Bruce Willis. And in true Penn fashion, he wasn’t at the premiere.

Motorolad_john_15316456_600_2Oh, did I forget to mention that 
Paris Hilton
, her sister Nicky and David Katzenberg showed up?

Sweet and savvy Paris gave a big hug to  David Pinsky, Motorola’s head of marketing.

Paris’s marketing doppleganger Perez Hilton was also there and he posed with Pinsky too! Do-do-do-do-do.

No sign of his Katzenberg’s ex Mary Kate Olsen. That would have been awkward. Although the hip hop pounding Motorola bash was certainly big enough that they wouldn’t have had to rub elbows.

Unless they wanted to.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead