the neighbors season 2 finale quotes abc 'The Neighbors' Season 2 finale: What hole will it even come out of?“The Neighbors” Season 2 has come to an end with no certain future in sight. Despite the confidence of Larry Bird, there’s a chance that this ridiculous, hilarious show may never return (not even to Wednesdays or to ABC Family).

But it should. Not only does the world need to see one Zabvronian family surrounded by humans, here are 24 quotes from the finale episode, “There Goes the Neighbors’ Hood,” to make a renewal even more necessary.

Besides, if “The Neighbors” doesn’t return, how will we find out which hole it (Larry’s baby) will come out of?

“He’s got that Jaime Lannister, ‘Game of Thrones’ thing happening. Am I right?” — Larry Bird
“Is that the dwarf?” — Jackie Joyner-Kersee
“No.” — Larry
“Hot blonde one with the dragons?” — Jackie
“Can we move on?” — Larry

“Let’s go over the facts again to make sure we’re doing the right thing. Plus it’s smart to catch up those two Tim Allen fans who accidentally tuned in.” — Jackie (“Last Man Standing” precedes “The Neighbors”)

“Please Reggie Jackson, stop talking like you’re in a Kate Hudson film!” — Jackie
“And if you insist on it, at least use ‘Fool’s Gold’ dialogue.” — Larry

“They left a note: ‘Ran away to outer space. Will try to Skype around noon.'” — Debbie Weaver

“There’s no backsies on ‘I love you!'” — Reggie Jackson

“I’m not just going to be human, I’m going to be Asian!” — Reggie

“He’s like a ginger lo-jack.” — Reggie on Dick Butkus

“And the critics thought we would never last …” — Larry

“Oh, he’s so creepy!” — Jackie, on a living gingerbread man

“With the time change, they’ll be dead by the time we get back to Zabvron.” — Larry

“Do you want him to become just another spoiled Harvard grad, destined for the ‘Simpsons’ writing room?” — Larry

“You’re going to be a great father. Third time’s the charm, right?” — Dick

“What does it tell you if you poop on it, the weather?” — Jackie, on a pregnancy test

“If I get any more bloated, something something Rush Limbaugh …” — Larry

“What hole will it even come out of? Or will it make its own hole?” — Jackie, on alien pregnancy

“It never feels good helping him.” — Debbie on Larry

“Everyone poops. If you become human, you will too. It’s not great.” — Amber

“Actually, we’ve got a Starbucks on Zabvron now.” — DJ Jazzy Jeff

“Suck it, coach trash.” — DJ Jazzy Jeff

“Everyone stop talking about the hole!” — Larry

“Son, we will likely never speak again. You are a total embarrassment and an abject failure. But despite that … Oh crap. I have another call. Bye!” — Daddy
“You are wrong a great deal of the time. But if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that you will be confident and doubtless even when you are completely clueless.” — Jackie

“I would go bald and poop for you, Amber, in a heartbeat.” — Reggie

“I’ve heard whispers about ABC Family …” — Reggie
“Oh screw that!” — Larry

Posted by:Laurel Brown