goldie shania new normal season finale 'The New Normal' finale: A Goldie Clay reunion? 'She's very conflicted,' says star Georgia King“The New Normal” wraps up its first season Tuesday (April 2), with back-to-back episodes that culminate in the arrival of the new baby. Star Georgia King tells Zap2it that her character Goldie does have some apprehension about delivering the baby and then not having anything that ties her and Shania to David and Bryan.

“It is very much a fear that once the baby comes, there is no tie, there’s no reason for them to be a unit,” says King. “There is definitely an apprehension … I think it’s very painful to see how connected Shania is to them and the idea of trying to protect her baby’s heart. I think it’s more a maternal worry. I think she will probably be heartbroken, but will cope. But the idea of putting her child in that situation is a massive concern.”

However, she reassures fans that Shania’s new family unit is going to stay intact.

“With the end of the season, you’ll realize, as does Goldie, that there’s nothing to worry about,” says King.

She also teases a reunion between Goldie and Clay, which has been a major storyline for Goldie throughout Season 1.

“[Creator Ryan Murphy] and I have been really smart with this storyline, I feel,” says King. “The obvious thing would be to pop them back together because he’s been great … she’s very much in a torn place, where she wants the old and the safe and the wonderful for her child, but also she wants to keep exploring and growing. She’s very conflicted.”

So will we get a final answer for the Goldie-Clay relationship in the season finale? You’ll have to tune in to find out! “The New Normal” finale airs Tuesday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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