ellen barkin new normal 'The New Normal': John Stamos talks kissing Ellen Barkin and 'Gaydar'John Stamos is dropping by “The New Normal” for a series of episodes as an “is he or isn’t he?” character, which of course drives Ellen Barkin‘s character mad. He made his debut Tuesday night (Jan. 22) in “Gaydar” and says it was just wonderful playing opposite Barkin.

“It’s seriously the fastest chemistry I’ve had with someone in a long time on television,” says Stamos.

“It was our first show where we had to kiss. But we did the read through of the first episode and I felt like, you know, we’re kind of cat and mousing each other and sort of circling each other. And I said to [creator Ryan Murphy], I said, ‘What if I just grab in back of her hair and just make out, you know?’

“And Ryan — and the whole room was silent — and then everybody looked at Ryan and then he said, ‘Oh my God. That’s a great idea.'” says Stamos. “Ryan likes surprises … he’s very spontaneous and he loves to kind of throw out jokes and ideas and stuff.”

“So I thought I’m going to stick my tongue down Ellen’s throat because I want to elicit some sort of natural, weird, you know, surprise or fear or whatever she was going to show because it would have worked for her character,” says Stamos. “And the woman didn’t flinch … there was nothing happening. I mean, I think — what’s the farthest thing you can touch in the back of the throat? The uvula or whatever it was. I know I hit it and she didn’t even move.”

As the character progresses, he ends up not being gay, which Stamos says was one of the challenging things about the part.

“He ends up being – I’m not gay. You know, this is a modern world and just because a guy wears a bracelet or is into, you know, hair processing and culture and fashion doesn’t make him gay,” says Stamos. “I think that’s the point of the episode, which is ‘Gaydar,’ which is, you know, that doesn’t work anymore … It was a very difficult line to walk because as it turns out he’s not gay. I had to sort of give the impression that I was but I didn’t want to play into any of the stereotypes of, you know, of whatever stereotypical things there are that people think of gay men and women.”

What did you think of John Stamos on “The New Normal”? Excited to see more of his character?

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