HBO has released a second teaser for its new series “The Newsroom,” and this one is considerably less self-serious than one released a few weeks ago.

The clip from creator Aaron Sorkin‘s third TV show about a TV show still focuses mostly on Jeff Daniels’ veteran news anchor and his producer (Emily Mortimer). It also opens up a little, though, to showcase the young staff members played by Allison Pill, Dev Patel and Thomas Sadoski, among others. There’s definitely more of a “Sports Night”/”Broadcast News” vibe to the teaser.

And based on this clip, “The Newsroom” looks a lot more like a show we’d watch than the ponderous one teased in the first trailer. Sam Waterston, as Daniels’ boss, and Jane Fonda, playing the owner of the network, also have a couple sharp moments. We got a chuckle out of long-time “Law & Order” prosecutor Waterston saying “America needed a lawyer.”

“The Newsroom” premieres June 24 on HBO. What do you think of the new trailer?

Posted by:Rick Porter