Even if those on your seasonal gift list aren’t in the reporting business, logical and functional presents are available if they’re fans of creator and executive producer Aaron Sorkin‘s HBO drama series “The Newsroom.” And they don’t even have to go to journalism school to enjoy them.
Gifts Under $25
Sloan Poster ($9.99): Because we like her sassy spirit, captured nicely here. And because … well, because Olivia Munn reaffirms that there are worse things to look at.

sloanposter 'The Newsroom' holiday gift guide: Comfy chairs, costly cameras and more for the headline inclined

Atlantis Cable News Mug ($14.99): What member — or aspiring member — of the ACN staff would be without one of these? The perfect item for assisting in the consumption of java, particularly in a newsroom.

Mission to Civilize T-Shirt ($19.99): Show you’re on anchorman Will McAvoy’s side! Wear his mantra!
Atlantis Cable News Journal ($24.99): Anyone can look classy and professional toting this memo book/diary. And they also can count how many people admit they don’t watch the show by their asking what ACN is.
Gifts Under $50

Here’s how it all began, including the memorable opening scene that likely had much to do with Jeff Daniels winning an Emmy Award. Since this set offers multiple video formats — perfect for a show that deals so much with the tech world — the recipient can go with whichever he or she prefers.
Manager’s Chair ($49.99): One likes to be comfortable in a newsroom, but budgets probably won’t let managers spring for leather-covered seats for most employees. However, this handsome fabric version should do the trick.
Gifts Under $100
Earset kit ($69.95): Ever wonder how news anchors can hear reporters who are out in the field? This device, with a coil that runs down the inside of their jacket or behind their back, does the trick. One drawback: It also lets them hear testy producers who warn if they’re running too long.
Dress tie ($79.50): A newsman needs to look sharp, right? The camera doesn’t lie, even when it comes to the quality of neckwear.
Gifts Over $100


Dynamic microphone ($249): You can’t kid around in network news, so only the best will do … just don’t tell that to any workers who’ve had to deal with really old equipment for a really long time. (Those people are not hard to find.) As top-of-the-line replacements go, though, here’s a good one. 
CineAlta 24P HDCAM Camcorder without Viewfinder ($80.740): No, that price is not a misprint — and mind you, that’s still without the viewfinder. (At that cost, it also should fly, drive and prepare your dinner.) For the person who’s really serious about feeling as if he’s involved in TV news, look no further.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin