Just when you thought it was safe to turn your TV back on…

Here comes the horrifying news that Tinseltown’s terrible twosome, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, will do a fourth season of their “The Simple Life” reality show for E! Entertainment Television. No one will be safe from these battling babes’ bitter rivalry in the upcoming 10 half-hour episodes that will air in spring 2006.

DJ AM Nicole Richie

What will the resuscitation of “Life” do to the 2006 awards season? We predict that Paris and Nicole will continue to try to out-couture each other on as many carpets as they can. It’s a good bet that the stylish showdown will start at the Golden Globes and continue through all the post parties those headline-hungry hotties can wrangle invites to.

E! has also snagged syndication rights to all 36 previous “Simple” episodes, which will begin rerunning on the network in January. Gosh, what a great chance to look back on the good old days when the feuding femme fatales were the bestest of bosom buddies.

Next year’s shows will reportedly feature Hilton and Richie in the roles of homemakers, with each girl competing with the other to see who can best balance demanding tasks as cleaning and child-rearing for different families.

It apparently matters not whether, like those newly separated “Newlyweds” Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, the two girls are actually married in real life. Paris is so over her ex-fianc√©, Paris Latsis and his replacement, that other rich Greek guy, may be on the outs too. And while Nicole is still engaged to DJ AM, she’s been vocal about not wanting her wedding, honeymoon and/or romantic life used on the show.

But you know how loudly money talks. Fox, which aired the show for its first three seasons reportedly didn’t have room on the 2006 sked to accommodate the show (or the stars’ egos). But rumor is that E! Entertainment Television’s purchase of “Life” for around $800,000 per episode, which makes it the most expensive show in the network’s history.

That kind of moola may just make little Nic rethink airing her personal laundry. Hey, it’s not like there’s gonna be a hidden video camera in the girls’ bedrooms. Wait! You don’t think…. Nah. They’d have to sell that show to the Playboy Channel.

Photo: DJ AM and Nicole Richie hug it out at her Barnes & Noble book signing for "The Truth About Diamonds" at The Grove in Los Angeles.
(Jeff Vespa / WireImage)

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