ryan gosling notebook 'The Notebook' musical headed to Broadway

Get ready to weep, theater fans: “The Notebook” is heading to Broadway in the form of a musical by “One Tree Hill” star Bethany Joy Galeotti.
Galeotti has been working on the show with her writing partner Ron Aniello for years, and the pair even staged a reading in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2009. But they got a vote of confidence from Nicholas Sparks himself, who said on “The Early Show” Dec. 14 that a musical version of his book would hit the Great White Way at some point in the future.
The bad news: We don’t think Ryan Gosling is involved in any way. He’s too busy being nominated for Golden Globes and being the unofficial Sexiest Man of the Year. 
The good news: It’s “The Notebook.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to fall hopelessly in love. Gosling or no, if you’re a lady, you’re genetically predisposed to love the crap outta this.
Will you go see a “Notebook” musical?
Posted by:Jean Bentley