Lorenzo_jenn_bachelorrome_240Didn’t catch much of The Bachelor: Rome this fall, but based on limited viewing and a pair of conference-call interviews, this season’s rose-giver, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, seems like a decent guy. So I guess I’d like to wish him and his new girlfriend, Jennifer Wilson, luck as they retreat to civilian life and try to buck the show’s history of failure in creating lasting relationships.

In Monday’s season finale, he chose the 24-year-old Florida schoolteacher over publicist/virgin Sadie (here’s how it went down, in case you missed it), giving Wilson a ring but opting not to propose. That’s not as romantic as the other option, but it always seemed a little more sensible to me, given the wholly unreal situation Bachelor subjects must endure. And Wilson seems fine with it: The couple did their first interviews together on Tuesday, and here’s some of what they had to say.

Lorenzo on making his final decision: "I decided about two hours before the final rose ceremony [which was taped in late September]. It was obviously a very difficult decision because I had strong feelings for both Jenn and Sadie. I felt a little bit stronger with Jenn just because I thought we had more chemistry. … I went with what I was feeling at the time, and I’m very glad I made the decision."

Jennifer on the post-taping, pre-finale separation: "It made it really difficult. It’s hard when you have something so new and exciting and all the sudden you’re kind of ripped apart. It’s all about secrets, keeping secrets and not telling anyone and sharing the excitement. … But I think challenges are good for any relationship — either it breaks you or it makes you stronger. It’s definitely helped us to realize what’s important, and we’re still here."

On whether Jennifer will get the title "Princess" if they marry: Jennifer: "Yes, if that’s what happens, I’ll definitely then be Princess Jennifer." Lorenzo: "Her father has been calling her ‘princess’ ever since she was born."

Lorenzo on the non-engagement ring: "I didn’t have a necklace on me, or a string, but I mean, it is a ring. You should put it on a finger, so I put it on her finger. Before I did, I wanted her to understand why I put it on her finger and what it meant. But she’s got it on her finger now — I think that’s what you do with a ring."

On ABC’s continual teasing of his "breakdown": "If someone wants to crack jokes about it, and I’m sure they will, then let ’em. … I think they all wanted to find out why I was crying — that’s why they kept showing it. I wish they’d shown it maybe five less times, but I’m OK with it."

Jennifer on keeping up a long-distance relationship, at least for now: "A lot of frequent-flyer miles. I love New York and Lorenzo loves Miami, so in that sense it’s pretty easy. We couldn’t live in two better cities, and a lot of people make relationships work between New York and Miami."

Lorenzo on whether he’ll watch the next season of The Bachelor: "Uh, it depends — Well, actually, it’s not on during Monday Night Football, right? It’s going to be during the spring."

Posted by:Rick Porter