oc ben zach 'The O.C.' reunion staged on 'Men At Work' Season 2 episodeThis week, Zap2it exclusively revealed to you that “One Tree Hill” star Bethany Joy Lenz would make her return to television on TBS’s “Men At Work,” as Meg, a single mother and love interest to series regular Michael Cassidy‘s character Tyler.

Now, we’ve also confirmed that there will be another guest star from the teen drama vault! Ben McKenzie, otherwise known as Ryan from “The O.C.,” otherwise known as one of the most underrated actors on TV, will play Lenz’s ex-husband.

Let’s just say that Ben complicates Meg and Tyler’s blossoming relationship.

It’s something of a reunion. On Season 2 of “The O.C.,” Cassidy starred as Zach, the waterpolo-playing, comic book writing romantic rival to Ryan’s BFF Seth Cohen. Of course, when he decided to take a meeting with George Lucas instead of going to prom, Zach disappeared and was never heard from again.

A “One Tree Hill” alum and an “O.C.” reunion in one episode? Our inner 16-year-old will definitely be marking the calendar for this one.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie