office-christmas-andy-phyllis.JPG“The Office” is counting down to Christmas with a fun, interactive segment on their website. Today: Andy and Phyllis.

Tune in here every week until Christmas to find out how your favorite “Office” characters are celebrating this year. The interactive promotion started yesterday with Andy Bernard and continues today with Phyllis Vance. Their holiday plans are:

office 12 days christmas composite 'The Office': 12 Days of Christmas with Andy and PhyllisAndy: M’ Fam alternates Christmases between The Bunk (Kennebunkport), Palm
Beach (one time I met a guy who bought Jimmy Buffett a drink), and this
year’s destination: awesome Aspen. I’m not too much of a snow bunny,
but I love to get my scenic gondola ride on. Drinking a little hot
cocoa on the top of Old Snowy, makes me feel like I’m on top of the
world. Also, Dean Cain is a part-time resident-’nuff said.

Phyllis: Bob’s daughter is returning to Vietnam (apparently someone called the
authorities about her expired visa), so it’s just Bob and me. The two
of us will probably just split a ham, then exchange gifts. I’m looking
forward to giving Bob my present. I got him a lovely massage chair, one
that will match our massage couch. I’m hoping this year he’ll get me
the rabbit fur coat I’ve had my eye on; with that on I’ll be the envy
of all the girls in at my bowling league’s New Years Eve party! Fingers

Did we know that Bob Vance has a Vietnamese daughter? Not sure we did.

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