amy ryan office video 'The Office': Amy Ryan discusses Holly's return and fan expectationsWhen people stop Amy Ryan on the street, it’s usually to talk about her work on “The Wire” or “The Office.” The two shows could hardly be more different, and the typical conversation Ryan has with fans of either show varies pretty widely too.

“When people talk about ‘The Wire,’ they talk about the show — ‘I love that show, I love that show,'” Ryan tells Zap2it during a break from filming “The Office” in November. “When people stop me for ‘The Office,’ they say, ‘I love “The Office” and you have to go back. What are you doing? He’s your soulmate — what you doing here?’ So I get a little bit of a compliment and a little bit of scolding.”

“He,” of course, is Michael Scott (Steve Carell), and the need for scolding ends at 9 p.m. ET Thursday (Dec. 9) when Ryan’s character, Holly Flax, returns to “The Office” in time for the show’s Christmas episode. Toby (Paul Lieberstein) gets called for jury duty, and corporate sends Holly down to Scranton as a fill-in HR representative — which is not exactly a thrill for her.

“Holly comes back to fill in, truly only temporarily,” she tells us in the video below. “Her life in Nashua is still going strong with A.J., and she hopes they’re going to be engaged soon. So she really isn’t looking to reunite with Michael.”

So the frosty attitude she took with Michael on the phone in “Sex Ed” is still in place? Because Holly really was kind of mean to him.

“I wouldn’t say mean,” Ryan says with a smile. “She was being — whether it’s her reality that he romanticizes things, she’s trying to keep him in check. Or maybe she just can’t help but face the truth because she’s involved with A.J.”

Oh, and incidentally? That really was her on the other end of the phone. “We recorded it at my agent’s office, but we were on the phone with each other,” Ryan says. “Actually, Steve said he read some blog where someone was very upset that they didn’t pay to hire the real Amy Ryan — that it didn’t sound anything like me. … But it was me. I thought, Wow, I’m slipping as an actor — I can’t even play myself.”

Hit play below to hear more about Holly’s return to “The Office” and how she views her relationship with Michael.

Posted by:Rick Porter