We open with Michael running against the police-posted radar gun on the street outside the office. He is, apparently, running 12 miles per hour. Oh, The Office. How I’ve missed you.

Today Michael has been brought in for a meeting with David Wallace to talk about "big picture" stuff. At the meeting, David wants to know what Michael is doing right because the Scranton branch is doing better than all the other branches. Michael, once he gets it, is just bursting with pride in his branch. This is one of the best aspects of this show. No matter how ridiculous Michael Scott gets, you can tell that he loves his job and his employees and will do anything for the company. It’s very sweet.

David talking-heads that in this economic climate, it’s amazing that the Scranton branch is doing well and that he needs to find out why. Heh heh heh. Michael spends hours regaling David with stories like when he told Kevin (who was wearing a tweed jacket) that he felt the need… the NEED for TWEED. I love me some Top Gun, folks.

In the marriage plot, Andy comes to work and wonders why no one has RSVP’d to his wedding with Angela. Everyone in the office knows Dwight has been sleeping with Angela… except Andy. Poor schmuck. The entire office thinks Angela should tell Andy, as Dwight confirms to everyone that he is still sleeping with Angela. The entire office is also making delightfully snide remarks at Angela. Dwight tells Angela to tell Andy what they’re doing but she won’t. Instead… Michael tells him. In the parking lot. As he speeds off for his meeting with David Wallace. Nice.

Andy confronts Angela and she comes clean. He realizes that everyone knows and wonders what they should do. Angela insists that she loves him and that they prove everyone wrong. Dwight confronts Andy and I don’t know how anybody kept a straight face throughout this scene because Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms are both effing hysterical. Dwight and Andy agree to duel and Angela says "I will respect the results of the duel." Offfff course she will. That’s the Angela we all know and love.

Prior to the duel, Jim has to clean out the office of all weapons. Like a scythe and some Star Wars weapon. Out in the parking lot, Dwight screams a lot and brandishes his belt. Andy leaves a memo taped to a bush to distract Dwight and then sneaks up on him with his Prius and pins him to the bushes. SO AWESOME. Ed Helms and Dwight Schrute should get Emmys for this episode alone.

Dwight is finally backed down when he learns that Angela is also sleeping with Andy (albeit only twice). He just looks so hurt! Thus endeth the duel. Inside, Andy cancels the wedding cake and Dwight throws away his bobblehead. Angela loses them both, which serves her right.

Best. Quote. Ever.
Rule #17: Don’t turn your back on bears, men you have wronged, or the dominant turkey during mating season. There are 40 rules all Schrute boys must learn before the age of 5. [singing] "Learn your rules, you better your learn rules. If you don’t, you’ll be eaten in your sleep [haruch!]"

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