Fans of “The Office” have been asking been wondering something for the past couple of episodes: What the heck happened to Angela?

In a word, pride happened to her, says Angela Kinsey, who plays the tightly wound accountant on the soon-to-end NBC series.

“I think she’s a very prideful woman. Pride comes before a fall,” Kinsey tells Zap2it in the video up above. “There’s a lot about Angela Martin that’s relatable to me. She’s a very fearful person, so she needs rules and all these things to live by. She has a hard time trusting. But she also has this vanity. I think she liked being the senator’s wife and liked going to mall openings and all that kind of stuff. It was hard for her to be really honest about what she really wanted and who she really loved and what that meant.”

Kinsey also says people shouldn’t assume Angela’s living situation was that much better before her marriage to the senator: “She had an apartment with a bunch of cats,” and the disintegration of the marriage she really thought she wanted has caused her to “hit bottom.”

Angela the character finally broke down at the end of last week’s episode, admitting to Oscar (Oscar Nunez) that she’s still in love with Dwight (Rainn Wilson). “I think that Dwight is the love of her life, but he put her cat in the freezer and she’s had a really hard time forgiving him,” she says. “And sometimes with love it gets away from you, and you have a hard time getting it back.”

Hit play on the video for more from Kinsey, including the “odd” feeling of not going to “The Office” set anymore and some of her favorite moments from the show. “The Office” airs its next-to-last episode ever at 9 p.m. ET Thursday (May 9) on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter