the office glee 320 'The Office': Details on Dunder Mifflin's 'Glee' viewing party“Glee” is becoming so pervasive in pop culture that even fictional characters are getting way into the show. Fictional characters like the employees of “The Office.”

The NBC show’s Nov. 11 episode will revolve around the Dunder Mifflin crew going to a “Glee” viewing party. Zap2it talked with executive producer Paul Lieberstein to get the lowdown on the episode (news of which was broken by

“Gabe [Zach Woods] is hosting it, and it’s mostly thrown by Erin [Ellie Kemper], who would like the office — and particularly Michael [Steve Carell] — to like Gabe a little more,” Lieberstein tells us. “So she thinks this will make him a little more popular if he hosts the party.”

So which character is the biggest Gleek? Lieberstein says it’s probably Kelly (Mindy Kaling): “Although she claims to hate the show, she knows everything about it. And Oscar [Oscar Nunez] feels like everyone should stop assuming he’s a big Gleek because he’s gay.”

Lieberstein says that “Glee” creators Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy signed off on the idea, so viewers will watch the characters watching scenes from an episode of the FOX show. NBC executives “weren’t thrilled,” Lieberstein says, but they didn’t stand in the show’s way.

“They’re always so supportive and creatively understanding that when we get really excited about something, they let us do it,” he says.

As for why the show chose “Glee,” Lieberstein says it’s because “it’s not just a popular show, but a phenomenon, you know? And when we had the idea to do a viewing party, it felt like there was no substitute. …

“We watch a lot of TV, we watch ‘Glee.’ We like it. … I don’t know — someone said the words ‘”Glee” viewing party,’ and it just made us laugh so hard that we had to do it.”

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