will arnett office 320 'The Office' hires Will Arnett for season finale; Ricky Gervais returning too“The Office” is adding another Will to the mix as it begins its post-Steve Carell life.

Will Arnett, whom “Office” creator Ricky Gervais suggested for the show on his blog in February, will guest-star in the season finale. So will Gervais himself, EW reports. The episode is still being written, so it’s not certain yet what each actor will be doing in the episode.

The show is wrapping Will Ferrell‘s four-episode guest arc (he plays another Dunder Mifflin manager) around Carell’s April 28 departure. Ferrell’s character will leave in the next-to-last episode of the season, which airs May 12, and Arnett’s character comes in for the May 19 finale.

Again, plot details haven’t escaped the “Office” writers room yet, so what follows this sentence is pure speculation. But the timing — and Gervais’ prior endorsement of Arnett — suggests to us that Arnett could be under consideration to be the new boss next season. We know he could easily play a Michael Scott-like buffoon (see “Arrested Development,” “Running Wilde,” his “30 Rock” appearances, et al), but if the show wanted to put a different type of character in place, he could probably handle that too.

The bevy of guest stars at the end of the season also suggests to us that that Michael’s replacement as branch manager probably won’t be someone already working at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. That makes sense from a business standpoint — bringing in a new star could conceivably also bring some new viewers to the show — and possibly creatively as well: How will a crew that’s used to Michael react to someone else?

What do you think of the guest casting: Do you like it, or is it too much? 

Posted by:Rick Porter