the office pda 320 'The Office': Is Holly leaving with Michael?Amy Ryan has said that she finished filming her run on “The Office” a few weeks before Steve Carell shot his final episode. That doesn’t necessarily mean an unhappy ending for Michael and Holly, though.

At least, that’s what we’re taking from frequent “Office” director (and “Freaks and Geeks” creator) Paul Feig‘s comments about Carell’s swan song.

“All I’ll say is she actually is in the episode in a way,” Feig, who directed Carell’s last episode, tells TVLine. “[Holly] is involved.”

The key phrase there is “in a way,” which could mean several things: That Ryan actually is in the episode, that she does voiceover — or just that Holly somehow influences Michael’s decision to leave Dunder Mifflin.

What Feig will say for sure about the episode — written by executive producer Greg Daniels — is that it was an emotional one for the cast and crew.

“We all knew it was when we were doing it, but you still kind of were in denial like, ‘Well, he’ll say at the end he’s coming back’ or ‘It was just a joke or something,'” Feig says. “We kind of scheduled the week so we did the most emotional, sort of final moments in the end of the week. It really tore us up.”

Carell’s last day at “The Office” airs April 28.

Posted by:Rick Porter