james spader the office 'The Office': James Spader in talks to join the castJames Spader did a memorable guest turn on the season finale of “The Office” — so memorable that he might be back next season as the new boss.

And we when we say boss, we mean something more than just Michael Scott’s replacement.

According to EW, Spader is in talks to join the NBC series as not just the branch manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office, but the new CEO of parent company Sabre. The idea is to have him take over for Kathy Bates, whose commitment to “Harry’s Law” will likely preclude her from making more guest appearances as Jo Bennett.

Spader’s very Spader-like turn on the finale of “The Office” as one of several candidates interviewing for Michael’s (Steve Carell) old job made him a front-runner among many fans, although the show’s writers reportedly favored another guest star, Catherine Tate. Having Spader’s character, Robert California, higher up in the company could potentially let the show have it both ways.

The likely scenario, EW says, would have Spader’s character taking over the Scranton branch in the season premiere. He soon decides, however, that he wants something bigger and talks his way into the CEO job.

Unlike previous higher-up characters such as Bates’ Jo Bennett, he’d be around pretty much every week. That would also leave the door open for the show to bring in another new character as the new branch manager (or install someone who’s already there).

What do you think of the idea? Would Spader be a good fit for “The Office”?

Posted by:Rick Porter