Jennafischer_theoffice_s5_290 The will-they-or-won’t-they storyline for Jim and Pam is long past, but when I visited the set of “The Office” this afternoon, my only mission was to find out whether or not they will walk down the aisle this season.

Well, they will. In the fourth episode, in fact. I had planned to poke and prod Jenna Fischer about dates and times and details of that sort, but she and writer/executive producer/actor Paul Lieberstein (Toby) just came right out and revealed that Jim and Pam’s nuptials will take place in the fourth episode of the upcoming sixth season. It’ll be an hour-long show, by the way.

The reason they’re getting right to it, of course, is because Pam is pregnant and wants to walk down the aisle without certain members of her family knowing about the baby.

So, yes, we will be meeting the happy couple’s parents this fall. In fact, I’m told that casting for Pam’s mom — in her 50s, sweet, with a great sense of humor — is currently happening.

But Jim and Pam aren’t the only Dunder-Mifflinites with love on their minds. Daniels also mentioned that Andy’s affection for Erin, Pam replacement at the reception desk, is still in full effect… though Erin (Ellie Kemper) is largely unaware of it.

As for Michael, Lieberstein told us that DM Scranton’s fearless leader has a tough time ahead of him, as there’s really no one in his life romantically right now. He will, however, make the acquaintance of — and possibly move in with — an Italian-American gentleman, who pulls Michael into the mafia. 

At least that’s what his employees decide when they see Michael and the Tony Soprano-type together.

As Lieberstein explained, Jim and Pam go off on their honeymoon and with the “coalition of reason” absent from the office, conclusions are made.

Oh, Dunder-Mifflin, how we’ve missed you.

In case you forgot what the staff looks like, we took a photo when they assembled in the warehouse today…


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