We’re pretty excited to see Maura Tierney show up at “The Office” as Mrs. California. Her TV husband, however? Not so much.

Robert (James Spader) is not at all thrilled with the idea that his wife might want to go back to work, and he makes it known in this clip from Thursday’s (Dec. 1) episode. It’s the first glimpse we’ve had of Robert in which he’s not in control of a situation, and it’s pretty amusing to see him lose it.

So what gives? Tierney hints at what Robert’s so upset about in the interview below, noting that he doesn’t relish the idea of having her work for the company he runs. Andy (Ed Helms), as usual, gets caught in the middle, particularly when Robert tries to save face with his wife.

“The Office” airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC. Here’s what Tierney had to say about her guest role, including how “The Office” compares to her former show “NewsRadio.”

Posted by:Rick Porter