office andy dwight jim 'The Office' may hire its new branch manager from within: Who should get the job?If James Spader becomes the new CEO of Sabre on “The Office,” then the Scranton branch is still going to need a new boss. And the latest word is that person may be someone we already know.

As reported last week, Spader is in talks to join the NBC comedy in the fall. The scenario writers are kicking around would have him starting as Michael Scott’s replacement in Scranton but very rapidly ascending the corporate ladder to become the head of the company.

That would once again leave the branch manager job open, and according to TVLine, “The Office” writers are leaning toward giving an existing character the job. Jim (John Krasinski), Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Andy (Ed Helms) are the likeliest suspects, although the show also still has an option on Catherine Tate, who like Spader was seen interviewing for the job in the Season 7 finale.

Each of the current characters mentioned for the job — and by the way, what about Darryl (Craig Robinson)? — would have some potential issues. Dwight and Jim are both good salesmen but have proven to be less-than-ideal managers in the past, while Andy has a tendency to come off as Michael-lite. Choosing one of them would, however, give “The Office” a little more continuity in the post-Steve Carell era, which is not a small thing to consider.

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Posted by:Rick Porter