office chump 'The Office': Michael Scott is 'The Chump'Everyone expects Michael to be devastated after learning that his girlfriend Donna is married, but he seems to be taking the end of the relationship surprisingly well. Of course, that’s because he hasn’t ended the relationship. Everyone in the office guilt-trips him about it big time, and Andy takes it the most personally as the office cuckold.

He even goes so far as to engineer (even though using that term here is an insult to engineers) a meeting between Michael and the husband he’s wronging. Michael not only survives the encounter, but comes out of it with the invigorating feeling that comes with abandoning all sense of right and wrong. But that only lasts for a while, and he ends up dumping Donna. Is it still doing the right thing if he does it by text message?

In not-at-all-related news, Angela is taking Dwight to arbitration over their childbirth contract. It looks like Dwight might have to pay damages, but Angela settles for five boinks, at a time and place of her choosing.

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