Longtime, dedicated Dunder Mifflin fans should cherish the next few days. Because once Sunday night comes and goes, The Office could just blow the ef up, beckoning new and ardent fans from far and wide. I just previewed their post Superbowl festivities and can say without hesitation that this special episode they've got planned contains some of the series' finest work. In the first few minutes alone, you will lose your mind watching Dwight Schrute commit a felony, nearly killing a co-worker… not to mention another one of Angela's cats. And though the entire staff will do something that makes you laugh, Kevin will take the old cake, pulling off one of the funniest motherfreaking things I've ever seen. About halfway through the first half hour, you will be reminded of exactly why this show works: Roughly half the office is populated with legitimately insane people.

What else? Well, someone we've known since the pilot will get their own flashback montage, Michael will make a very sad attempt to steal a Kathy Griffin joke, and Andy will compose and perform what is sure to become one of iTunes most downloaded ditties of all time.

Oh, and p.s., to all the people who are pissed off about guest stars Jessica Alba, Jack Black and Cloris Leachman corrupting the show, your blood pressure is on the rise for no reason. First of all, if you blink, you'll miss Alba's appearance. As for Black and Leachman, let's just say "ew" and leave it at that…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh