john krasinski office 320 'The Office' recap: A Tangled WebJim has returned from a week of jury duty… except what nobody in the office knows is that he was dismissed after only half a day, and spent the rest of the week at home with Pam and the kids. But Dwight quickly spots the holes in Jim’s story, and makes it his mission to get Jim busted and then fired. Jim, wisely or unwisely, decides to take Andy into his confidence. Andy’s response, after his initial indignation, is to decide to cover for Jim. The two of them can’t quite pull it off, however, and when Jim publicly confesses, Dwight thinks he’s finally won for good. Except that as mad as the other employees are at Jim for making them cover for him last week, Andy refuses to fire him. Looks like Dwight’s going to have to go to Gabe.

Only Gabe’s not in the office. Instead, he’s part of the delegation (along with Oscar, Kevin and Erin) who have gone to visit Angela and her new month-early baby at the hospital. Oscar expects to meet a tiny preemie, but when the kid turns out to be full-sized, he soon realizes the baby wasn’t conceived when Angela says it was. As though it’s any of Oscar’s business, he gets Angela to confess that the baby was conceived before she and the state senator were married. Then, when Dwight shows up at the hospital looking for Gabe, Oscar immediately blabs the truth to him about the conception of Angela’s baby. Dwight is galvanized by the news, because it seems he and Angela had a little one-night stand a month before her wedding. Although she denies everything, Dwight is beyond thrilled to have brought a Schruteling into the world, and isn’t exactly going out of his way to be discreet about it.

Jim decides to have Pam bring the kids into the office to try to charm his way out of trouble, but it doesn’t go as planned. Which is actually good for him, because when his coworkers see how ill-behaved the Half-perts can be, all is forgiven. Even by Dwight, whose new status as a secret baby-daddy has given him a new, fatherly perspective on life. At least until next week.

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