maura tierney office 'The Office' recap: Andy in the MiddleRobert tells Andy in a moment of panic not to hire his wife Susan under any circumstances, even though he apparently already told her she could work there. So now that she’s in the office, Robert makes like he really wants Andy to find her a job. Andy resists as politely as he can, but Robert plays it to the hilt, and Andy doesn’t do hilts, so he gives in and hires Susan anyway. Which is the opposite of what Robert really wanted him to do, so now he’s in trouble and has to fix it. He enlists the rest of the staff (save Jim, who’s not down) to be mean to her so she’ll leave. She gets the message that she’s not wanted, but through a combination of her knowledge of Robert and Andy’s complete lack of guile, she figures out that the message is actually being handed down from her husband. So Andy’s soon on the spot again, trapped in a room with both of them, torn between ratting out the CEO to his wife and…well, not. Jim gets dragged into it and everything. The situation isn’t exactly resolved, per se, but one thing is certain: Susan isn’t going to be working at Dunder Mifflin any time soon.

Also, Dwight has decided to open a gym in the building, to turn “fat into cash.” His first crack at it looks more like an office full of beet farm equipment, but he straightens it out after getting some feedback on it from his first customer, Darryl. Who admits, under threat of being crushed by a barbell, that his goal is to look good for Val from the warehouse. Dwight, doesn’t entirely get the message, but he promises to make Darryl “the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen.”

And after a day of being in increasingly uncomfortable situations with the Californias, Andy is so relieved to be done with them that he accidentally accepts a date with Susan California. So, you know, the irony is that he’s really not done with uncomfortable situations with the Californias at all.

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