the office andys play 320 'The Office' recap: Andy's PlayAndy’s in a community theater production of “Sweeney Todd,” and he wants the whole “Office” to come. But especially Erin, hoping it’ll make her fall in love with him again. But his attempts to drum up attendance backfire, because Michael’s pissed that he didn’t get cast, and the only babysitter Jim and Pam can find is… Erin.

Still, everyone else shows up, so they’re all there to witness Andy’s singing triumph. And also his opposite-of-triumph when a cell phone goes off in the second act and it’s Andy’s, while he’s onstage. Michael also disrupts the show by bringing balloons, dropping a wine bottle, and booing during the curtain call, but at least he wasn’t onstage. Erin also messes things up by showing up with Cece, although Andy’s pretty thrilled that she made it at all. The only thing that works is the early stages of Angela’s cunning plan to make Dwight fall for her again by dressing like a farm girl and playing hard to get.

In the end, Andy gets over his dual disappointment (Erin went back home to Gabe, after all) by giving a private command performance to the rest of his coworkers, his favorite audience. And in the very end, we see highlights from the marathon audition that inexplicably failed to land Michael a part.

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