ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: Back End SalesWondering why Robert picked Andy as the new boss? So is Andy, frankly. When Robert challenges Andy to inspire the office to double their sales, Andy is totally at a loss as to how to do it. Pretty much all he comes up with is a lame incentive plan for cheesy (and in at least one case, highly inappropriate) prizes, based on a points system. Unfortunately for Andy, Jim asks what they get for impractically high numbers of points, and Andy comes up with different ways to humiliate himself for different values.

The good news — and bad news — is that after he says he’ll get a tattoo of their choosing on his ass for five thousand points, they get right to work meeting that goal. Which they do, that very day. Long story short, Andy unwillingly lets the employees take him to the tattoo parlor to make it look like he’s permanently crapping out a baby. Jim privately assures Andy that nobody actually expects him to do it (which is probably a lie), and after Andy has an epiphany about inspiring his employees, he presents his buttocks for decoration. The group has indeed taken pity on him and he finds himself with a Nard-Dog tattoo instead, and a whole staff cheering for him. So we get to find out why Robert picked him after all.

Also, Pam and Angela start taking pregnancy walks together, and Darryl appears to be getting back together with his ex, Justine. And Dwight is just aggressively coasting, which I didn’t previously know was possible.

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