ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: Breaking Up Is Hard to DoNellie keeps showing up late and irritating everyone, but because Robert still wants to get into her pants, he makes the Scranton employees show her a proper welcome. Jim and Dwight are conscripted to help move boxes into her apartment, while the rest of the office staff is expected to throw her a party. The staff decides to make it a miserable affair to reflect how they really feel about her. So I guess the raises wore off. The party’s ultimate touch will be a magician, which is something Jim just found out Nellie hates more than anything.

Andy and Erin are still en route back to Scranton from Florida, but first they have to make a stop at a cabin in southern Pennsylvania so he can break up with Jessica. When they arrive, it turns out there’s a bachelorette party going on for one of Jessica’s friends. After a bit of stalling, Andy breaks the news to Jessica that they’re done. She accuses him of dumping her for Erin, but he claims he’s just gay. This in earshot of the partygoers. And Erin. But at least they get out of there unscathed.

While unpacking Nellie’s boxes, Jim and Dwight come across a box of photos of Nellie and an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart back in England. A magician ex-boyfriend. Realizing this might be too far, Jim calls the office to have Pam pull the plug, but the other employees refuse to let that happen. Thus Jim, Dwight, and Nellie return to the office to find a party crammed in the break room, featuring carrot cake, Creed’s music, and a magician. Jim and Pam, with an assist from Dwight, manage to sabotage the magician’s show and chase him off, earning Nellie’s obvious gratitude. Obviously she’s not aware that it’s Jim’s fault there was a magician in the first place.

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