ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: Come Sit On Santa's LapIt’s the annual Christmas party at Dunder Mifflin, and Andy has made the classic rookie mistake of making himself the Santa who grants everyone’s wishes. Seems innocuous enough, since so far most of the wishes are like Meredith’s for a designated driver. But there could be problems with Andy’s wish that everyone try to get along with his girlfriend Jessica. Well, one problem, named Erin.

Andy also puts his hard-ass hat on (literally, I’m afraid), and tells Jim and Dwight that since Kathy has complained about them, they need to stop messing with each other or he’s going to take away one of their Christmas bonuses and give it to the other. Predictably, that leads to a reverse prank war where Jim and Dwight each take turns alternately trying to frame and/or entrap the other. It’s as silly and immature as it sounds, but sometimes it’s nice to hear an old song sung in a new way.

Robert California is also at the party, and he’s pretty down (or at least his version of it) over his wife leaving him. He mans the bar, and enables Erin in getting her drunk on. In vino veritas, as they say, and also in shots, apparently. So Erin tells Andy her wish that Jessica were dead.

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