darryl the office 'The Office' recap: Going No WareGreat news! The warehouse crew won the lottery! Actually, this is terrible news, because they all summarily quit and now there’s nobody in the warehouse and Phyllis has a huge order that needs to go out. Andy thinks the pressure’s on him to make others fix it, but he’s got no idea how bad it’s going to get.

Because here’s the thing: you know how Darryl used to be in the warehouse? He was in the lotto pool with the guys (and Madge), but he dropped out when he got promoted. So obviously he finds himself filled with angst over losing out on what would have been his share of the winnings. Well, angst and tacos, actually, but the issue is that while Andy’s trying to push Darryl to get some new warehouse workers hired already, Darryl’s not up for it. Or up for anything, for that matter. In fact, he challenges Andy to fire him.

Andy’s entirely unequipped to deal with that challenge, or to even take it seriously. When he introduces Darryl to the losers he was able to hire on his own, Darryl reveals what’s really eating him: getting screwed out of the regional manager position. Shocking a nation, Andy is equipped to handle that, calling Darryl on coasting since Jo promoted him, and making such a convincing case that Darryl concedes the argument and recommits himself to his job and his destiny. Just in time to discover the disaster area that the temporary replacements from the office — Jim, Dwight, Erin, and Kevin — have made of his warehouse.

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