ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: If You Want It, Take ItJust because the Sabre Store arc is over doesn’t mean Nellie is. Apparently Andy was serious about driving down to Florida to get Erin. So who’s going to manage the office while he’s gone? Why, Nellie Bertram, of course. She’s schlepped her crazy ass up to Scranton to take over the branch. Robert’s not about to stop her, if for no other reason than simple curiosity as to how it’s all going to play out. And how it plays out is this: in order to get everyone to buy into the idea of Nellie as their new manager, she offers them all raises. Only the Halperts stand firm against her in defense of Andy, and even Pam can’t resist when Nellie offers her a much-needed nap.

While Andy’s job is being stolen out from under him, his project in Tallahassee doesn’t seem to be going much better. Irene, the old lady who hired Erin, doesn’t seem willing to let her live-in assistant go. And Erin isn’t quite over the times Andy broke her heart. It looks like he’s about to drive home empty-handed, but Irene gives Erin her blessing, and she and Andy get in his Prius and drive off into the sunset together. Or at least back to Scranton. Where things could get awkward, because it doesn’t look like Nellie’s going anywhere soon. At least not voluntarily.

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