john krasinski office 320 'The Office' recap: Kiss of DeathDwight is riding high in the wake of his promotion to Vice President of Sabre Retail, and Jim isn’t sorry to see him go. But Robert privately lets it slip to Jim that he plans to sandbag the entire Sabre Store enterprise at the board meeting, and Dwight’s job will be the main casualty. Jim attempts to warn Dwight, but remember what I said about riding high? Dwight just uses that position to drop rocks on Jim. Jim decides he did what he could and heads to the airport, until Pam tells him over the phone to try harder. Jim returns, but it looks like nothing short of a physical altercation is going to keep Dwight from walking into that boardroom and meeting his doom. Luckily for Dwight, a physical altercation is something Jim’s prepared to initiate.

Erin has found a job as a live-in assistant for the old lady she met last week, and she breaks the news to Andy via Skype that she isn’t coming back to Scranton. Andy takes the news as well as he can pretend to.

Also, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season, and Darryl and Toby compete for the office’s biggest client, Kevin. This gets silly and stupid, but the upshot is that of all the romantic pairings that have been hinted at this season, it looks like the next one to actually take off will be Kevin and Meredith. Which is even sillier and stupider.

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