office dwight manager 320 'The Office' recap: MAD: Mutual Assured DwightWhen Robert California orders Andy to put an end to the branch’s myriad mistakes, Dwight senses an opportunity. Having suddenly become a computer genius, he instantly devises, installs and implements a software program that will monitor everyone’s errors. If five mistakes are made in one day, an e-mail will automatically sent to Robert California containing a consultant’s report recommending a closing of the branch, along with every snarky remark that everyone in the office is too stupid not to put in their work e-mails. He calls it the “Accountability Booster,” but everyone else calls it the “Doomsday Device.” I call it no better than they deserve, if they can’t keep their CEO-bashing strictly oral.

In any case, the staff doesn’t make it to 3:30 without racking up five mistakes. Everyone pleads with Dwight to shut down the device before it automatically sends the e-mail at 5:00, but he not only refuses, he goes home. While Andy leads an away team to Schrute Farms to reason with him, it falls to Jim to go find Robert at the racquet club and try to intercept the e-mail, if it comes in, while everyone else waits at the office for the hammer to fall. Dwight doesn’t seem receptive to the group’s overtures, but Pam employs a light touch, flattering Dwight and joking around with him until she’s confident he’ll shut down the device on his own.

In the warehouse, it’s safety training day, so we meet some of the new warehouse crew. One of them is an attractive young woman named Val, who Darryl (single again) seems to dig, and who could blame him? Alas, Gabe has also set his cap for her. He hijacks the safety meeting in an effort to impress Val. It looks like Darryl’s going to turn it around on Gabe, but when Gabe clumsily asks her for a date, it turns out she doesn’t date coworkers. So I guess Darryl’s lucky Gabe found that out for him. It also means Val is quite the anomaly at this workplace.

And yes, Dwight shuts down the device. Good thing he was able to do so remotely.

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