darryl the office 'The Office' recap: Musical BedsIt’s after 5:00 on Friday in both Scranton and Tallahassee, but nobody’s finished working. In Scranton, everyone stays late to go through the away teams’ accounts, and Andy has food delivered by none other than Val’s boyfriend Brandon — who takes the opportunity to call out Darryl in front of everyone. Darryl is ultimately forced to read everyone all of his personal texts to Val, including one that ends with an incriminating five dots. Awkward.

And at the hotel in Tallahassee, everyone’s got an agenda. Nellie has yet to name a VP, and both Dwight and Packer want the position. And when Dwight realizes that Packer plans to get the position under Nellie by taking another position under Nellie, he decides to try to beat Packer at his own game.

After Jim wearies of this scene, Kathy shows up in his room half-dressed claiming her room’s overheated and asking to hang out. Jim is awkward and lame and can’t figure out how to get rid of her, until he calls on Dwight to come up and do an impromptu bedbug fumigation. And even that doesn’t work until the second try.

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