ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: Picture ThisAndy shows up at the office again, this time acting so down on his luck that he’s willing to work as a lowly janitor. Of course, it’s all an act so he can dramatically reveal himself as the new Regional Manager when David Wallace swoops in to announce his buyout of Dunder Mifflin, but he oversells it a bit. To the point where most of the other employees stage an intervention for him. When Andy reveals the truth, nobody believes him, and soon even Erin thinks that Andy may have finally lost his tiny little mind.

Also back from the wilderness are a couple of the former warehouse workers, who want their jobs back after blowing their lottery winnings on Hide’s energy drink for Asian homosexuals. Darryl takes them down to introduce them to Val, and compliments her so highly that her jerk boyfriend takes jerky exception. Which is exactly what Darryl wanted him to do, and after declaring his intentions, he sits back and waits for Val to come to him. Which she does.

The backdrop for all this, if you’ll forgive the pun (and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), is Dwight’s “free family portrait studio” that he’s set up in the break room. Jim thinks it’s a scheme for Dwight to avenge himself for the latest prank that even I think is over the line, but it turns out Dwight’s just trying to get a DNA sample from Angela’s baby. After some unsuccessful collection attempts, Dwight ends up leading Angela on a high-speed chase with little Phillip’s poopy diaper. I don’t even know if you can DNA test poop, but I know I wouldn’t want to.

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