darryl the office 'The Office' recap: Q&AAndy’s worried about meeting the quarterly sales growth figures he promised Robert months ago. He’s bought as much Dunder Mifflin paper as he can, his employees aren’t buying any, and Oscar’s not willing to stick around and make the necessary “rounding error” Andy needs because he’s going to Philadelphia to play bar trivia. Upon hearing about the thousand-dollar purse at stake, Andy rounds up the troops and drags them along to join the contest so he can close the sales gap with the cash prize. Oscar sticks with his original team, while the DMers split into the A-team (Jim, Darryl, Andy, and Ryan), the B-team (Stanley, Phyllis, Creed, and Kathy the temp), and the just-have-fun team (Kevin, Kelly, Erin, and Meredith). But the A and B teams choke, and the confederacy of dunces stumbles to victory. Which is good enough for Andy.

So where are Dwight, Robert, and Gabe? In Florida. Robert’s at Sabre HQ, while Gabe is apparently commuting daily between there and Scranton. As if we didn’t have enough reasons to hate him, now there’s his carbon footprint. Dwight is determined to pitch himself for a manager position, and Robert is determined to avoid the conversation. The stress point is, of course, Gabe, and although he tries to run interference with Dwight, Dwight will not be interfered with. Eventually he forces Gabe to take him to Robert’s condo, where Robert makes a couple of efforts to spare Dwight’s feelings before turning him down and saying he’ll try him out if anything right for him comes up. And that’s it. Seriously. No, I did not skip over the funny parts.

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